Thursday, July 4: W30D18

Nutrition: Fine between meals, but still feeling overly snacky at end of meals.

Sleep: 10 hours (!!!!!) in bed, 9p-7a, 83% quality. Don't understand how quality is that low, especially given the graph:

Felt quite solid. Woke at 4a for bathroom, again at 5a & 6a, dozing nicely in between. Got up feeling rested, finally.

Healthy Movement: Yes, I got up rested, but not energized, and body was still creaky. Zero interest in a long run. Took Hank on a long walk instead. Otherwise mostly sitting all day. No pulls, rest from them as well. Elbows do feel fine.
Fun & Play: Walking with Hank, followed by a blissful hour in the hammock. Putzed and mostly stayed inside. More hammock time later in the day. Really just a whole lotta laziness, and if you don't think I found that FUN, you don't know me at all!

Personal Growth: One of my goals for the Whole30 was to finish reading Joy's copy of The Primal Connection. Check done! Excellent material.

Grateful: Happily found that Hop was in agreement to be anti-social today, no need to deal with anyone. Exactly what I needed.

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