Thursday, July 25: W30D39

Nutrition: Again craved a Larabar at breakfast, but chose an apple instead. Gold star. Again oddly hungry during session. This week I have been snacking on a packet of coconut butter (rather than almonds) mid-morning. More calories, but not as filling, maybe? Seems wrong.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 96% quality. YES. It truly felt that good, too: I was having vivid dreams (about living in a tiny cabin in the woods), and woke naturally. Feel like I had a religious experience! Brain was still a bit "meh" all morning, but session turned me around.

Healthy Movement: Lower legs & feet are still aching. Damn sissy things. Session felt fantastic: deadlift party with my supah strong PowerBuddy, 10 NG pulls again, 5 dip PR. Bomb dig!

Fun & Play: One day from girls' weekend. So excited! Great session, and with my beastie besides. Productive afternoon. Dog park with new pals Jackson and Dewey, two cute little fellas.

Grateful: For my second job. I am actually excited to go work there tomorrow!

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