Thursday, July 18: W30D32

Nutrition: A few shortcuts (like jerky, lotta fruit) plus 3 bottles of Diet Pepsi.

Yes, I went off the rails for the desperate need of caffeine - to keep me up through the One Direction concert & drive home. I don't care if that's a poor excuse, either; the fact is I would have been a grouchy annoying godmother if I hadn't dosed up somehow. And despite being a Marthaler with coffee coursing through my veins, 90F is just way too fucking hot for coffee.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 73% quality. Felt great, finally. No puking kitty, and woke without alarm. NICE!

Healthy Movement: Body feeling quite good other than feet a bit sore. Session went very well (10 pull-ups!)

Fun & Play: Morning at NSS. Session! Getting concert tickets after nearly giving up (and for cheap!) and taking Emma to see her favorite band AND getting to sit three rows back.

Grateful: That I was able to take Emmers to that concert. Hell of an expensive birthday gift, but an experience that she will remember forEVER. And so will I!

This is when 1D finally came out. She was crying, she was so overwhelmed!

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