Thursday, July 11: W30D25

Nutrition: Unfortunately more shortcuts today at noon & at supper - run run run this week, ugh. Not much for veg, but did manage fruit and limited nuts, so that's something! Had a long morning meeting that prevented a snack, and I started to feel a little awful by 11a. Does this mean I'm still not fat-adapted?!

Acne: I think I can say for the first time in AGES I had no new blemishes begin today. Cross your fingers please!

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 59% quality. Wha? I was wide awake about 1-2a (up at 130a for bathroom, Larabar, water), then out; but the graph shows basically midnight to 5a was dozing in/out. I'd call it more like 80%; wonder why that's so far off.

Healthy Movement: Glutes & hams quite sore: combo of class & sprints. Right hip flexor a bit tight due to sprints. Bottoms of feet hurt. Gee, I wonder why? No matter: walked out of session feeling better than when I went in. Love that!

Dustin told me to keep doing what I've been doing, that everything has been going great. I told him it's because I'm eating more. I'm pretty damned sure that's the biggest piece. And, here and there, I do see positive body comp changes. Tiny, gradual, but there. And not going backwards!

Fun & Play: Purple hair, man. GD was that AWESOME! They really hammed it up nicely. Moved to my new desk this afternoon: mostly fun to do some purging and be in a new place. I'm almost positive I'll walk into the payroll room first on Monday, though! Session was a delight.

Dog park was excellent; I'm really loving watching the Great Dane puppies grow up. (Weird to call them "puppies" when they are past 80 lbs!) Also, the "human sister" of the pups told me tonight: she likes my tattoo; she likes my hair; she likes my name. Awww. Her mom relayed this convo from earlier in the week:
Daughter: [something about] the girl with the beautiful curly hair.
Mom: You mean Hank's mom?
D: Yeah. What's her name?
M: Her name is Sabrina.
D: Ooooooh. That's beautiful! Like a princess!

She's my new favorite person.

Personal Growth: Finished two more books in the past few days. Go (1) & (2) short books!

Grateful: For the promotion/raise that allowed me to keep Ploughshare. We got peas today! Nature's candy, baby!!

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