Sunday, June 30: W30D14

Nutrition: Tried to figure out how to fuel the running hobby. And recovery from said hobby. Tough challenge. Weekly food prep done except for stir fry. Ran outta time, motivation.

Acne is still fierce. Please clear up this week...I don't wanna give up my daily cashews!

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 11p-545a, 76% quality. Yikes, that is not enough quantity. Definitely better quality than that says, as it's being pulled down by the short time in bed. Stayed up late watching movie, but woken by my alarm dog...need to get back to going to bed at 9p even on weekends.

2 hour nap post-run, solid as a rock. Woke up groggy & depleted as hell.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling quite good when I got up, despite low sleep. Elbows feel good but I'll save them for tomorrow's session w/ Dustin.

Had high hopes for the 8.64m trail run with Shawn, but I pretty much fell apart at the one-hour mark. I am full of excuses: 7th straight workout day; yesterday's 5x5 deadlifts; humid; no runs over 4 miles in past 4 weeks; etc. But I thought my workout recovery has been good all week; the deadlifts were only* at 135; temp was just 70F; no self-induced pressure; I had fluids when I normally wouldn't; nice slow** pace from the get-go; etc.

*Perhaps that should be "only"?
**The initial pace felt a little TOO slow, almost awkward; maybe that was part of the problem.

Post-run, I had a giant lunch, long cool shower, solid 2-hour nap, giant snack - and STILL felt totally depleted. It really just feels like I am at a point where 6 miles is a long run, sadly. At least there is this: long-run aches in hips & feet ONLY - no injury issues!

Fun & Play: Spent time outside in the early AM with Hank, getting my feet full of dew, playing fetch with him, picking his toys out of the lawn, & pulling weeds from my greenhouse. It was probably only 15-ish minutes but it did wonders for my already-happy brain! And while the run did not finish up well, it involved 1.5 sunny hours in the woods, that even included the bonus scrambling over many downed trees. And in the eve, more time with Hank including his heel & sit training. Lovely day to be outdoors!

Grateful: For the obsessive tracking that provides feedback like this:

This month's mileage is 161% of last year's June. That should be a huge step toward injury avoidance - pun intended!!

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