Sunday, July 28: W30D42

Nutrition: Overate all morning: overtired. Propped up with far too much caffeine. Moderation & normalcy returned in the eve after a nap.

Acne: Many reactions beginning. Not unexpected but still depressing.

Sleep: 6.25 hours in bed, 1230a-645a, 66% quality. Was quite solid, but far too short. We all slept indoors tonight, so that made a huge difference. Still, wish I had been able to sleep in. Very, very tired. Caffeine kept me up and moving most of the day, but after my workout, I nabbed a shower & a wondertastic 2.5-hr nap, 3-530p. Glorious.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling good - sore shins, apparently the new normal. Starting to worry a bit about that. Workout went fantastic, and crossed 3000 YTD pulls - bomb dig! Realized the elbows didn't hurt yesterday at all, yay! Today they began to hurt a bit by deadlifts, left a bit more than right.

Fun & Play: Big breakfast, followed by send-offs, followed by blissful silence and open windows. Peace. NAP. Husband back home. Happy doggy indoors for a while.

Grateful: For my home.

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