Sunday, July 21: W30D35

Nutrition: Solid. Easily.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1115p-645a, 83% quality, but SOLID. 

Healthy Movement: Other than very tight Achilles & slightly-achey feet, I felt great today. Did some nice mobility work by cleaning & cooking, then knocked out a fabulous OH Press session. Some weird pinching in left shoulder on back squat, but was gone after that. Total of 36 pulls.

Helluva week - almost 10 hours: 4 runs, 3 lifts, 2 classes, 1 walk, & just 112 pull-ups!

I'd like to thank my increased caloric intake for helping me to feel good all week.
Fun & Play: Great progress on house organizing. Happy with performance progress!

Grateful: For almost an entire weekend of open windows. Cool summer days are so very welcome.

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