Sunday, July 14: W30D28

Nutrition: Solid. Barely even snacky after the trail run. What?

Acne: Noting a restaurant meal today. A western omelet & fried potatoes, only potential problem being seed oil, but that should be a pretty small amount, hoping it's a non-issue. (Small annoyance: when ordering I did mention no dairy - which is good, because it would've had cheese otherwise, even though the menu didn't say it had cheese! Is it that hard to make your menu accurate?)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1015p-615a, 76% quality. Again confused by the quality, it was more like 90% in my opinion. Weird. Solid sleep, woke once or twice & then without alarm.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling good. 8.85m trail run felt good, though I had intended two hours and stopped at 1.5. That's where Brian & Greg stopped (only they were at 10 miles) and it was just too enticing to join them. Lazy! Still, ended it feeling like I could handle another half hour without issue, and that was a good feeling.

Did a few chores at home and realized I was still feeling energized - only long run leftover was tight Achilles, both sides. So I went down to my basement squat rack and finished yesterday's workout: squat & bench & deadlift, oh my! 0 pulls today, planned rest day.

Fun & Play: Trails with 4 friends! PWO brunch with 3 of them at a new place: Downtown Diner -  tiny & delicious! Enough energy to finish yesterday's workout! Bill paying! (Yes, I think that's fun.)

Grateful: For a happy body.

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