Saturday, July 6: W30D20

Nutrition: Fueled my run with my usual breakfast (eggs, sausage, peppers & onions, coffee w/ CM, almonds) plus coconut butter, Ultima as I ran (which didn't sit all that well), and re-fueled with jerky & a baked yam, both on the go in the car.

More long-run-day indulgences:
Yes, I know those cookies break the Whole30 rule about re-creating "technically Paleo" junk food. I'm okay with that.
Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 83% quality. Felt better; I didn't fully wake up at any point, though I was dozing in/out last couple hours. Good thing I didn't stay up for Hop's bonfire last night, even though I really truly wanted to. I knew I had to wake up early to be able to log my run before Hank's dog park playdate, and I accepted that trade-off.

Healthy Movement: Got up with creaky feet again, but it didn't stop me. Headed to LCSP for a successful long run: 10.02 miles! Walked early & often (anything uphill) and that made it work. Hips & feet felt good all the way through, even good for some hard pavement running & sprinting in mile 10. YES! Did not finish feeling utterly depleted & useless like last weekend. Bomb dig. Happy to have logged both a physical AND mental win with this run.

Rest of day was mostly standing at dog park, in line at races, doing a few things at home; but then I sat for 5.5 hours at the racetrack which suuucked. Happily the joints & muscles didn't seem to be any extra annoyed post-long-run, just the same old "my ass hurts and I want to MOVE" feelings I always get after sitting too long.

Fun & Play: 2 hours on trails! 1.5 hours at the dog park! Races semi-count as well, though the massive frustrations with management make me completely uninterested in returning.

Grateful: For a mini-reunion with my old racing buddy Amy A.

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