Saturday, July 27: W30D41

Nutrition: Vacation mode which means too much fruit. Otherwise easy. Restaurant lunch of eggs, ham, hash browns, potential reaction there. Should have skipped the taters, but I'm human.
Sleep: Awful. In bed about 6.5 hours, 12-630a, I'd call it 50%. Woke at 130a, couldn't fall back; got up at 3a and came into bed. Just as cold, but far more comfortable, and most importantly: ear plugs. Still, woke at 430a before waking at 630a.

Healthy movement: Hips aching a tiny bit due to initial sleeping on the ground. Shins still ache just as much. Some overall tightness that improved as morning went on. 5.3m hike at Sibley felt great, easy peasy. Wanted to run!

Pretty views from the top of the "mountain" on our hike.

Calm waters.
Lazy afternoon of near-nap in the hammock, followed by more laziness. 

Fun & Play: My tribe. With me. At my place. Lovely!! Lot of work though. I'm not naturally a hostess or caretaker sort, so this kind of thing was a stretch for my patience. My peeps were worth it.

Mr Hanky had the best weekend of us all, methinks. So much attention!

Grateful: For my weekend.

Is there anything more mesmerizing?

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