Saturday, July 13: W30D27

Nutrition: Had a great big breakfast even though I didn't need it...too tired to stop myself. Big lunch too.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 1200a-745a, 48% quality. No idea why it shows that terrible again. I'd say 75%. To bed late due to Relay, heard Hop come home at 315a, but still surprised I slept all the way to 8. Sure glad I did, because I still felt low-energy all day; took a 1-hour couch nap about 315-415p. (Golf is a GREAT sport to nap to, folks: just loud enough to cover laundry noises, but nicely quiet.)

Healthy Movement: Feet a bit stiff, rest felt decent getting up. The body had no specific issues, but definite all-over lethargy; I wouldn't even call it fatigue. I think I mean it was the messed-up sleep, and not that my muscles were all shot? That sounds right. Anyway, I was on my feet quite a few hours between the dog park, bit of cleaning, & yard time with all three pets. Expected to lift after that, but I was hungry for lunch. Expected to lift after THAT, but then I napped instead. And still I didn't have the energy for the usual full-body beatdown - & figured that if I pushed & did it anyway, tomorrow's run would absolutely suck balls.

So I decided that I could cut it all the way down to press & chin. And it went great, and I racked it for the last time on a super high note: 65x4! (And only the slightest inclination to load up for squats.) I'm glad I pushed myself to get in that main lift and was completely satisfied with that focus. I imagine I'll be even gladder tomorrow. Gold star for prioritizing!

Fun & Play: The dog park was super awesome this morning. Two new pals for Hank: Max, and another Hank! And I got to spend more time with Rocky, the cutest sweetest little beagle that I wanted to dognap and bring home.

Grateful: For naps.

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