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Strength Doesn't Have a Gender
“She’s strong…for a girl.” Stop fucking saying this! This just exemplifies the whole clusterfuck of the state we’re in. What does that even mean? Strong for a girl in the context of what? A man? A man doing what precisely? Because most men I see today are weak pieces of shit who couldn’t do a pull-up or dips to save their goddamn lives. All the girls who train with me for any length of time are able to do both, so fuck that statement and that shitty double standard.
The fitness industry and society at large have ignored this concept though. Instead, they’ve created a mockery of health by presenting a gender-specific cesspool of ineffective methods and marketing specifically around the concept of how different men and women are. It’s in the health clubs, it’s in the classes, and it’s in the magazines. It’s also in the fact that until the last five years, you couldn’t find a single woman who was a respected authority on anything pertaining to lifting weights. That was the man section of the gym.
And that’s bullshit. Its total fucking bullshit and we all know it, yet we let it perpetuate somehow. You want this to change? It won’t come from liking some ridiculous motivational quote superimposed over a half-naked fitness model in Spanks. A paradigm shift in the way we all think and act needs to happen, and it starts with picking up the damn bar and putting actual weight on it.

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