Monday, July 8: W30D22

Nutrition: To combat the post-meal snackiness, I now have a container of cantaloupe cut up & sitting front-and-center in the fridge. This morning I had about a half-dozen cubes of it. Much better than a Larabar or handful of nuts or whatever!

Acne: Week 3=over. Magic=zero. Skin is still just as terrible, with new cysts arriving almost daily. Cashews were eliminated on Friday, but I brilliantly replaced them with pistachios. I shall cut them out as well. Starting to feel like I should eat the exact same damn things every day to make this quicker (although I almost freaking do that now, ugh).

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 80% quality. Felt worse. Clyde woke me up just after I drifted off (climbing on Hop's dresser & knocking things off); wide awake at 1130p for some reason, then didn't fall back for awhile as Hop arrived home just after that; alarm had to wake me at 5. Got up cranky but improved after breakfast.

Healthy Movement: Did warm-up only with class. Felt fine, but going to be careful to stay ahead of the game this week, with Relay coming on Friday. Decorating for Relay involved putting the "HOPE" & signs out on our hillside, an hour of bonus mobility! 2.84m lunch run with Lisa, easy hills - felt great! Both Achilles still a bit tight, right shin a bit sore, but almost not worth mentioning.

Fun & Play: Teaching class. Decorating for Relay. Busy busy week.

Personal Growth: Since I achieved the original goal of finishing The Primal Connection, I need another goal. I am going to finish one of the SEVEN freaking books I'm currently reading before next Tuesday (day 30). My 2013 reading list is looking to be much shorter than 2012's if I don't get ON IT.

Grateful: For the Relay event. Super time-consuming this week, but worth it.

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