Monday, July 29: W30D43

Nutrition: Food shortcuts at lunch (pork jerky, banana, apple) due to rushed AM dash out of the house, otherwise back to normal W30 and feeling fine.

This week I am going to track my intake to get an idea of how many calories I'm eating. Not restricting, still eating according to W30 template, just curious where it's coming in.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 71% quality. But SOLID. Woke once, thinking it might be time to get up, checked phone: only 340a. Best feeling ever - fell right back!

Healthy Movement: Felt a bit lethargic in AM, slow-moving & running late, but still felt up for class. It was hard & sweaty & awesome. Noticed slight lack of mobility in hips when doing RTW lunges, and definite fatigue in low back when doing alligator crawls.

My shins still hurt, though I have not run in almost a week! Did stretches at desk in AM & post-run, 3-minutes per calf/Achilles (bent knee). Run plan called for hill work, so I did 2.98m walk up/run down (5 repeats) over by Latoka. My feet hurt (heels) as did the shins. Suck it up, bitches. After work, 2.75m (est) doing sprints with Holea.

Fun & Play: Class. Hills w/ a podcast. Running that felt good. Busy/fun afternoon of work. Sprints w/ Holea. Hanky indoor time.

Grateful: For all the people that donated to my Relay fundraising. I raised a total of $1674, when my goal was only $1000. I have such amazingly generous peeps in my life!

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