Monday, July 22: W30D36

Nutrition: Fifth week of the Whole30. Getting easier, finally.

Acne: I know this claim has bitten me in the ass before, but I think I may have made it one cyst-free day!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 70% quality. Up at 1a for bathroom & water, though not h/s/g. I think I lost an ear plug & thus woke up to Hop's snoring. Was dozing in out about 4a onward. Got up feeling a bit tired but mostly okay.

Healthy Movement: Achilles tight getting out of bed. Inner shins sore during class jumping jacks but improved by the end, no issue with jump squats. 10 banded [archer] pulls in class. Ran 3.03m at lunch and made it two miles before I caved to the heat & threw in walk breaks. It's not even hot, body, what's your damned deal??

Fun & Play: Class. Very nice meeting with the CFO. KITC event to pick peas out at Ploughshare. Emma is still flying high over the concert.

Grateful: For my bosses. They all be awesome.

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