Monday, July 15: W30D29

Nutrition: Solid all day (very busy, no snacky feelings, appropriate hunger) but Eat All The Carbs mode in the eve.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 63% quality. I do NOT understand what is going on with the quality rating. This was a solid night; a little tossing & turning in the wee hours, but never wide awake until 4a. And at that time, I very nearly felt rested enough to get up for the day. Twas more like 93%, stupid app!

Healthy Movement: Felt great when I got up this morning. Did class and sweated out buckets and buckets. Cleaned up all of our Relay decorations, hauling and walking, bonus mobility. Skipped my lunch workout in favor of evening sprints with Holea. And Dustin, the tall fast SOB. They make me feel like I'm running in molasses.

16 NG pulls in session. 2 more at NSS after spotting Holea's 105x3x3 bench (wowee!) to bring me to an even 2800 - wowee for me, too! Elbows don't feel great. Too much pressing & pulling in my home powerlifting workout?

Fun & Play: Class! Chatting with a fellow NSS addict. Registered for my next race (Norseman 10-mile). Handed off all the LAPW Treasurer stuff, hooray! Sprints in the park on a lovely hot summer night.

Grateful: For my new desk. Lack of privacy means better productivity. Time to Get Shit Done!

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