Friday, July 26: W30D40

Nutrition: Snacky at breakfast and again mid-afternoon, but otherwise good, considering vacation mode.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 930p-6a, 84% quality. Up at 330a, almost h/s/g; hit bathroom and water, didn't eat, took a while to fall back. Probably due to eating late, 830p, dumb.

Healthy movement: Feeling some delicious soreness/tightness after yesterday's session. Like I did some great work! Felt inclined to add a run or lift before the peeps arrived, but I stuck to my plan. Only the third full rest day in the past month, probably in need. What a great weekend to deload from everything and refill my bucket to overflowing!

Fun & Play: PTO from TS to work at NSS and then finish getting ready for girls' weekend! Added extra coffee to make it past 9p. Chatting with my bests, campfire, playing outside. So happy. 

Grateful: For the house and land that allowed me to host all my best beasties.

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