Friday, July 19: W30D33

Nutrition: After diving into caffeine yesterday, easily back on track today. Craved water and was dying to snack on sugar snap peas. Felt ravenous mid-afternoon and nommed mindlessly on almonds & raisins, not happy with that. Massive belly bloat going on, feeling quite fat. Diet Pepsi ingredient junk?

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 230a-9a, 66% quality. Would've loved more time, but whatta ya gonna do; I am happy I made it that late. You can clearly see when my body (and the cats) thinks it should be time to rise:

Missed my window to get a nap in; started feeling pretty tired about 430p or so.

Healthy Movement: Body felt surprisingly good when I got up! Given how junky I felt last Saturday after RFL screwed my sleep schedule, I thought today would be feeling pretty assy. (Instead, just sassy. Hardy, har, har!) Ran Victoria with Holea, and the first one was awful like always, though especially tough on the glutes today. Still, we progressed from 3 trips last week to 3.5 this week!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in, baby. And a putzy day. I accomplished hills, dishes, and sending concert pics/vids to Emma's mom. That's it.

Grateful: That I have this awesome new house in which to host girls' weekend. I am spending the weekend cleaning (well, not so much today), possibly my least favorite activity, but it's for the bestest reason ever: my friends!!

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