Friday, July 12: W30D26

Nutrition: Brain doing well. As usual I packed far too many treats for Relay, but this time I figured I would earn them and not worry about it. Unfortunately, I burned no extra calories after we shut down due to oncoming storms.

Acne: After thinking I had made it a day yesterday, I had a new blemish after all. And today, three! All on my forehead, which is odd. I am coping okay, but still seriously annoyed.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 50% quality. What? I did wake at 10p to a barking dog (toads) that I had to lock into the garage. Again it shows me in/out from about 2-5a, weird.

Healthy Movement: Felt good in AM, feet a bit stiff. 2.08m hills with Holea: first hill felt terrible, but good after that. We may need to make this a regular weekly date. Glutes whined initially but warmed up; hip flexor felt better afterward as well. Fourth hill was a walk up, run down, to train my issues - right shin whined, all else fine.

At Relay, plenty of carrying and back & forth walking, but didn't get any real distance because I was waiting for the gang o' children to leave before getting down to work. But we started packing up and shutting down about 945p. Damn!

Fun & Play: Hills with Holea! Relay, somewhat. We need to start later, and do less stuff so there is less junk to carry in. Also, the children were rather trying. So many times I wanted to demand: "Where is your mother?!" Although it was sad to shut down and go home...knowing I'd be sleeping in my own bed was rather delightful.

Grateful: For the Relay committee. So much work done all year, all day, all night.

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