Wednesday, June 26: W30D10

Nutrition: Acne is improving but still getting new breakouts here & there. Possibly over-reliance on nuts? Going to keep up the same intake though, since my first Whole30 took a solid two weeks to finally see skin changes. If there's still new acne next week, then I'll back down on nuts. I guess. Damn.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 845p-430a, 77% quality. Better than that. And the graph looks better than that, too, I have no idea why the quality is that low. More quantity would've been nice, but I'm feeling rested. I woke about 415a due to Oscar, wasn't h/s/g but had to hit the bathroom; couldn't fall back right away so I just got back up.

My bro called me at 930p and I talked to him (mulch questions, exciting stuff) yet the app doesn't show me awake then. WTF?

Healthy Movement: Evening hill run with my bestie Lisa: easy version, 4.42m, piece o' cake. Body is feeling good pretty much every single day, and plenty of energy for post-work workout, which I haven't felt in ages. (Hooray for high calories!) Scheduled zero day for pulls.

Fun & Play: LAPW meeting where three of "my" nominees won awards - we even surprise-delivered one to an absent member - superduper fun! Hills with Lisa, fetch with Hanky, a lovely evening.

Grateful: That I am awesome, and so are you.

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