Wednesday, June 19: W30D3

Nutrition: I am actually struggling a bit with the amount of food I should eat. I feel like I need to eat MORE than what I'm truly hungry for, since the things I'm eating are not calorie-dense, but if I under-eat, then my sleep will suck balls. And that I must avoid at all costs.

Also, another minor cheat: I am going to use Larabars as my morning/pWO snack despite the fact the pWO snack is supposed to be protein/fat (not carbs). But (a) the cashews that would satisfy this are too often "food with no brakes" for me and (b) Larabars are my best option for fueling long runs so the body needs to get efficient at operating on them.

Sometimes sugar on the label is acceptable!

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 76% quality. Felt better than that, though I did wake shortly before 3a & regularly after that. Not h/s/g, but sure would have been happier to be sleeping solidly. Got up feeling relatively rested; better than yesterday.

Healthy movement: Elbows fine. Back fine. All is fine! Planned 0 day on pull-ups. 3.59m lunch run w/ Lisa felt awesome.

Fun & Play: Run with Lisa. Another work fundraiser. Donated blood - good for the brain! Worked with Hank on heel command, which included a very short jaunt down the road. I don't know if that's a good idea or not. In the eve, spent an hour outside reading, writing, listening to nature, watching Hank. Lovely.

Stress Management: Getting my shit together at TS. Forced to, after being assigned to a big project. I am feeling a touch overwhelmed but mostly excited. Same feeling I have with the NSS project I've been stuck in for months.

Grateful: For today's perspective dose from Lisa. She had told me she uses Mackenzie as a cut-off point, where her running before and since then is two separate sets of PRs. I decided today that I'll do the same. Since I'm not using Mackenzie, obviously, I had to think of another date where things really changed/fell apart. I'm going to use April 15, 2012. That would be the Boston Marathon I had to sit out due to injury, after which I had to start over from scratch and fight more injury issues. So, everything AFTER that point is my new set of comparison points for all things physical. I like that perspective. It's gentle. Understanding. Forgiving.

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