Wednesday, June 12

Nutrition: GOTD is to just stop thinking about it and call it a refeed week.

Consumed: 2 eggs, side pork, uncured beef hot dog, cauliflower & onions, Brussels sprouts, mini Larabar, 3c reg w/ T CM; 2c decaf; Larabar, grapefruit; roasted veg, strawberries, pork jerky, Larabar; can DP; Larabar; date, packet chocolate almond butter [holy god damn], can Zevia; steak, .5 yam, peach, c senna
Tally: 1475cal P, 850cal C, 600cal F = 2925 total

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 95% quality. No. Was awake past 10p, and dozing in/out last half hour, so more like 80%. But quantity was pretty good, woke without alarm.

Body: Feel fine, no aches or pains. 2.47m run w/ Lisa on her short/fast 19-minute run. VERY nearly did not go out - feeling very MEH in the brain. But since I had no physical reason not to go, I got myself out there, and it was tough but enjoyable. Yay!

Rest day from pulls; elbows feel perfectly fine, but I haven't had a 0 day since last Wednesday. Reps have NOT been high, avg 16.3 per day, but some of them were pulls and perhaps that was too greedy. Looking back farther, I seem to do better with higher-rep days (20-25-ish) and 2-3 zero days. Think I'll do that over the next two weeks and see how things feel.

Brain: I going to change the things I log/track each day to incorporate the 9 Factors from the Whole9 geniuses. That would mean Nutrition, Sleep, Healthy Movement, Fun & Play, Stress Management, Socialization, Natural Environment, Personal Growth, Temperance. Few more to think about each day, especially that last one. I will highlight only the "big 4" on this blog/journal...but I've got me a purty spreadsheet built to track them all with a simple range (like 0 to +6 or -6 to 0) to give me a daily total & some 3- and 5-day averages to hopefully find trends.

Grateful: Still going to keep doing this. Glad for the analytical brain trying to find the balance in my life. Although sometimes I am creating mounds of stress for myself by analyzing to death, at some point this drive of mine will enable me to get this shit straight!

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