Tuesday, June 4

Nutrition: GOTD is 1900-2100 calories (buffer for yesterday) and get some food prep done, as I have no morning or lunch veggies. At home in eve, I made roasted cauliflower & onions, baked yams, stir fry, and experimented with a rhubarb, apple, & cinnamon mixture (delicious!).

Consumed: dates; eggs, chicken sausage, ham, bit of kraut, handful blueberries, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk; 2c reg; egg bake, 2c decaf; chicken, apple, blueberries, DP; jerky; asparagus, egg, chicken sausage, rhubapple dessert w/ tea sprinkles, senna tea w/ coconut milk; sampling roasted cauliflowers & onions
Tally: 1375cal P, 650cal C, 50cal F = 2075 total

I totally overate at breakfast, as I had a seriously giant slab of ham because it was too delicious NOT to. Also overate the dates at 3a purely by mistake; I thought they were 2 for 70cal, but they are a whopping 70cal EACH. Oof. Beware of dried fruits, folks!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 79% quality. Wide awake just before 3a, got up for bathroom & some dates. (I blame: calories too low at 1700 + too much protein too close to bed.) Fell back after a while but was dozing in/out for most of the last two hours. Felt fairly rested when I got up, but low energy, if that makes sense. Unenthusiastic.

Body: Pretty good - improved over yesterday. Feeling nearly nothing in the back even while turning over in bed! I'd call it 95%. Calves/Achilles a touch tight. Right shin is sore; need to keep an eye on that. Session felt fantastic, though. Moderated weights but was able to do everything without pain. HOORAY!

NG pulls in session (8, 7, 6, 5) - actually could've squeaked out another 1 or 2, but the last one was kippy and I was feeling rather anti-kip! Also like I shouldn't jerk the elbows too much, even though they are happy again.

Acne: Another Diet Pepsi to test reaction. And for the current two blemishes I'm sprouting, it's also possible it wasn't the wee bit of maltodextrin in my beloved Cholula jerky, but perhaps pistachios. Either one is a rotten option, but if I have to pick, better to be able to eat the jerky than have to resist the 'stachios.

Brain: Started out glum and gray, but had a productive morning, and session went so well, the day improved a ton!

Grateful: That my back is nearly normal again. Hoping I get to do deadlifts on deadlift day!

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