Tuesday, June 11

Nutrition: GOTD was to pack & plan food well, since I would be gone from 7a to 9p. Big breakfast/AM snack due to AM workout (due to work lunch), and then just ate snacky stuff for supper in the car. I ate far too much of the snacky stuff that I can't moderate. And OD'd on DP, too.

Consumed: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, asparagus, .5 yam, Larabar, 4c reg w/ 2T coconut milk; Larabar, 2c reg; burger patty w/ lettuce, tomato slice, pickles, .5 yam, can DP; bunch of pork jerky, Larabar, mini Larabar, can DP; Larabar, bottle DCP; c senna, emergen-c
Tally: 1025cal P, 850cal C, 500cal F = 2375 total

Thought about food whenever I wasn't busy...many times wondering if I should go grab something, not knowing WHERE I WAS as far as caloric intake. Determined not to calculate, I just asked myself: "Am I hungry, or do I just want to eat?" - most of the afternoon - and wasn't until 430p that I felt legit hunger. Tiny victory. BUT. When I got to Fergus, I had a half hour to kill, and I went to Target with the urge to buy something or eat something. Anything. What is that compulsion?

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 80% quality. Feels about right, woke at 2a (didn't get up) and cats started scratching the bed every 5 minutes (or so it felt) at 4a. Super obnoxious when I could have slept in!

Body: Good. Back is nearly 100%. Elbows are feeling okay. Training session with my PowerBuddy was rather lovely, although my guts didn't like the big breakfast. NG pulls in session 4x4.

Acne: Big time breakouts developed today. Cue self-bashing for eating so stupidly over the weekend that I can't pinpoint this without more testing,

Brain: Decent. Solid morning of work, fundraiser fun & new team member at lunch, quick little team game outside in the afternoon, just fun! Eve CPR class took a half hour, not the two hours I was expecting. Cool!

But overall not doing so well. Feeling incapable of avoiding "my" junk food. I may eat normal on Friday, take a break from the weekly fast day, see if that resets the inclination toward eateateat.

Grateful: For dishwashers. Something we all take for granted, but would create nonstop bitching if taken away.

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