Thursday, June 20: W30D4

Nutrition: Super-dee-duper nutrition bonus: today was the first Ploughshare delivery.

I'm reading the Whole30 Daily and feeling like so much doesn't apply to me because my diet was NOWHERE near the SAD most people are coming from. But I'm still benefitting by doing this, because it's keeping me from nibbling stray Reese's Pieces or tacking a Larabar onto breakfast, or other such crutches. Oh yeah, and I'm not freaking TRACKING. Though unfortunately I'm still obsessing; see "Sleep."

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 90% quality. Not at all. I was awake and h/s/g at 2am; hit the bathroom, ate one date, drank some water, took an eternity to fall back asleep. Brain was fired up and analyzing. (Should I have eaten fat instead carbs? Why am I awake? I should have been within my caloric sweet spot for sleep, but maybe supper was too big? Or maybe I was a little too high? I can't remember what I ate after donating blood, was it cashews & an apple? No apple? A Larabar? I ran both Mon & Wed, is that it? OMG SHUT THE HELL UP, STUPID BRAIN!) Also, I was SO DAMN HOT. Windows were open to a humid warm rainy evening; methinks it's time to cave & turn on the A/C. Woke often after 4a though sleep app totally missed that, hence I'd peg it more like 70%. Blech. BUT I did feel refreshed after a couple hours into the day.

Healthy Movement: Body was creaky upon awakening but no specific aches, and not generalized fatigue either. Felt good once I was moving, though I was HOT for quite a while, literally sweating while applying makeup. WTF? Spent 1.5 hours walking around delivering cute little candy-grams to coworkers, easy healthy movement for sure! Session felt bomb dig: kicked ass on dips and then got my ass kicked by little ol' push-ups.

Fun & Play: Delivering rocket-shaped candy-grams!

How cute are these?!

Time at NSS! Dog park!

Stress Management: One of my mini goals is to unsubscribe from 2 email newsletters per week. Did two personal ones today, but many more I need to eliminate. Just plain CLUTTER.

Grateful: For playful doggies.

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