Sunday, June 23: W30D7

Nutrition: Food prep: slow cooker chicken (topped with TS spice) put in last night/today at midnight, makes 6 lunches. Half-dozen yams for breakfast/lunch baked yesterday, made in the 9x13 pan with leftover ham drippings. Two packages breakfast sausage cooked, makes enough for 8 breakfasts. 6 salads made: bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower, spring mix. Not done, will be on tomorrow's agenda: stir fry x6 to go with the chicken.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 1245a-745a, 53% quality. 53%!! Completely accurate. Woke a couple times, uncomfortably hot. Wide awake at 5a because my phone was buzzing as though the alarm were set, which it was, but for 8a. RAGE. Got up and hit windows (raining) and ate some cashews (trying fat source) and went back to bed wanting to cry. Managed almost 3 more hours, this time my legit alarm, though I should have shut it off because I needed at least two more hours. Got up feeling like ass. Tired, bitchy, defeated.

Today's Whole30 Daily was all about good sleep and it made me nearly bawl. I KNOW how important sleep is, what the hell am I supposed to do when I can't sleep?! Have changed my mind on last night's races: absolutely not worth the late night.

Healthy Movement: Was planning a rest day unless I felt amazing and wanted to log a short run. Guess which. Spent all morning on the computer then on feet in the kitchen making food for a little better postural movement, then on butt again at the in-laws' for Father's Day. Stuck with planned rest from pulls.

Fun & Play: Solid 4 hours at the in-laws' were spent outside. Just what my barin & body needed today.

Stress Management: $1000 dollars spent on Hank since we got him, from adoption fee to fence to chewed-up harnesses to training class. Holy crap that's $1000 we did not have planned to spend. GULP.

Grateful: Given how ungodly tired I was today, I was grateful to be on the Whole30 program; otherwise, I would have been overeating Larabars and fake bread and the like.

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