Sunday, June 2

Nutrition: GOTD was to eat by feel again. Supper was pretty darn huge after just snack foods all day. Again, bit higher than I should be, but for a party (where I couldn't eat or drink anything) & run day, pretty well done.

Consumed: 2 eggs, c yam, chicken sausage, grapefruit, apple chips, 4c reg w/ T coconut milk; 2c reg; Larabar; Larabar, bag Cholula jerky; 2 burgers, large bag peas, TC guac made w/ whole avocado, .5oz pistachios
Tally: 875cal P, 700cal C, 625cal F = 2200 total

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1015p-545a, 84% quality. Felt solid, woke naturally. Pretty sleepy about 5p.

Body: Felt good, slight tightness still in back, more of it lingering on the left side. 5.13m run run was okay - felt like I was dying, and I want to say it's because I was fast, but my overall average was a mere 8:55? I am highly doubting the app's accuracy on trails. Shows I was running 8:00-ish when we were on open road, so it would be logical I'd feel like I was dying at that pace. It's certainly been a while!

Chin-ups forgotten until eve (4x2) and felt hard. Gah.

Brain: Good. So much ultra-trail-running talk at Greg's party, it was mind-boggling. Everyone there was pretty damned accomplished, and to think I ran with them and speak their language and AM ONE OF THEM - what?! I also think I picked a good year to simply say NO to every race, lest I get myself into deep trouble again. Ended up being a longer/later party than I wanted, but it was truly fun and relaxing. And SUNSHINE? Yes, please!

Grateful: For fellow trail lovers.

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