Sunday, June 16

Nutrition: Tomorrow I begin another Whole30. No more daily tracking, just follow the template. Hppefully that's easier.

Consumed: 2 eggs, side pork, chicken sausage, kraut, 2c reg w/ T CM, Larabar, half apple; Zevia x2, 7 ribs, c fruit, romaine w/ cherry balsamic, few olives; rhubarb muffin; chicken w/ roasted veg & salsa, few grapes, rhubarb muffin, Larabar
Tally: 1175cal P, 625cal C, 275cal F = 2075 total

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 1015p-7a, 81% quality. Felt better than that, more like 90%, though I did get up to let out the barking dog at 5a because there was a bird in the garage YET AGAIN. Dafuq?!

Healthy movement: OH Press workout went well. Had at least 1-2 more in tank on press but was wary of pushing too hard into poor form, with the back finally feeling normal. Did high-rep low-weight versions of the rest of the big 4 and easy accessories. Felt awesome!

Fun and Play: Time in the hammock with Hank at my side and birds chirping and sun shining and book reading and life loving. Lunch at parents' included a LOT of time in the sun watching dogs being silly, even earned a touch of pink sunburn on the legs. Home in eve included more book time. Ready to do this!

Grateful: For my "mental reset" day:

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