Saturday, June 22: W30D6

Nutrition: Grocery shopping, mine: avocados, yams, cashews, almonds, kombucha; husbands's: chips. Ha!!

Sense of smell is weird today; we stopped at Arby's on way to races, and while the roast beef smelled amazing, the curly fries smelled like old deep fryer grease. Disgusting & a bit sickening. At the track, my BIL's bag of teriyaki jerky smelled like old rotten meat, again it turned my stomach. Strange. 

Appealing: the track has a bacon pork burger. I think I need to make me one of those, no? Brought as supper snacks: jerky, cashews, pumpkin seeds. No veg, but a decent effort.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10p-6a, 77% quality. Woke at 330a (Hop's phone) and was nearly h/s/g, not quite wide awake either. Took nearly an hour to fall back, overheated and overtired. Got up feeling a little awful, but had 730a date w/ my fave running buddy. Suck it up, li'l buttercup!

Afternoon nap 2 hours, 1230-230p. Fitful and not too restful for the brain, though good for the body. Needed the nap to stay awake at races, but was bummed to take it when the weather was so gorgeous, sunny but cool. Would have loved to veg in hammock reading, but then I would've been very tired and very cranky and very unfun at the races.

Healthy Movement: Easy hills with Lisa - 4.33m, walk up & run down - but the first half mile felt like pure torture. Everything felt awkward and slow, like I needed a greasing, or was wearing work boots! Drank more water than I usually manage, but I suppose it was the cumulative effect of heavier deadlifts, sprints, and perhaps a teensy bit because it was my 8th straight workout day. Got better as we went, though we shut down without the planned trails to finish. Just D-U-N done. Rest day from pulls as planned. 5 hours sitting at races made me stiff and sore. Gross. This body is now made for movement.

Fun & Play: Time with Lisa, dog park, nap, great races, lovely day!

Grateful: For awesome racing. Dirty and loud and late, but awesome!

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