Saturday, June 15

Nutrition: A picture is worth a thousand words:

Consumed: 2 eggs, side pork, 2 hot dogs, Larabar, 3c reg w/ 2T coconut milk; can Zevia; Larabar, bottle DCP; Larabar, bottle DCP; most of a jar of chunky peanut butter w/ 4T CM, 2T chocolate chips, 2sl toast w/ 2T jelly, 2oz jerky, c senna
Tally: 425cal P, 600cal C, 1475cal F = 2500 total

I am now re-reading this Stumptuous blog post, and also It Starts With Food. Time to hit the reset button.

Sleep: 10.75 hours in bed, 915p-8a, 99% quality, HOLY SHIT. Up at 10p for a barking dog (not sure why), and again at 5a (bird in garage AGAIN), and still managed to sleep until freaking 8a - when did that last happen?! Felt amazeballs.

Healthy Movement: After sleeping in so late, no time for a morning run, plus no one to run with, and no real interest, either. Spent an hour-ish picking up sticks & branches & logs, worked up a good sweat! Felt energized by that so I did sprint intervals in the yard in Vibrams, sore in the shins a bit. Felt slow, like they were going to be mid 7s, but they were 6-6:30s. Yeah! Body is feeling great, although the lats are definitely sore and upper back is a teensy bit tight, but both are much better than expected given yesterday's 75 pulls. Today: 0.

Fun & Play: Dog park! Motorcycle ride! Picking up sticks! Running with Hank!

Grateful: For family who can lend 4-wheelers and trailers so we can tackle projects like this:

Just 1/3 of the tree line done...oof.

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