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Ladies, Measurements Don't Matter
My clients’ understanding of the four foundational movements (squat, hinge, pull, and press) matters. Their understanding that they are all athletes who can become physically powerful through progressive training matters. Their understanding that they need to eat enough to fuel their life and have energy matters. Their understanding that we are working to turn them into a stronger and more powerful version of themselves matters.
My female clients feeling cute in their clothes and not ashamed of their arms matters. Them enjoying moving for the first time and not being intimidated by weights matters. My girls being able to do pushups and pick up heavy things without needing a man to help them carry luggage or open jars matters. Them having No fear when picking up a barbell or walking into the “man area” of the gym matters. Forcing their boyfriends or husbands to work out or rebuilding their confidence after a break-up matters. Them liking the shape of their bodies matters—them not feeling weak matters. Becoming strong both mentally and physically matters.
The article is written for trainers, but a truly great message.

Read it here:

(There is a picture of perfect washboard abs halfway down that, it seems to me, is completely antithetical to the message. Yes, it's a strong woman, but can we stop it with images that seem to exist purely to make you feel poorly about your tummy fluff? Seriously. But ignore that and just read the words.)

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