Monday, June 3

Nutrition: GOTD is 1900 calories and a gallon of water. Hit the water, low on calories due to poor planning - forgot I'd be stuck in town until 8p.

Consumed: bag pork jerky, Larabar, c reg w/ T coconut milk; plain Americano; big bag peas, 2c reg; can DP; chicken, apple; grapefruit, apple; 1.5oz almonds; 4oz sweet n hot jerky, emergenc-e
Tally: 825cal P, 525cal C, 350cal F = 1700 total

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 85% quality. Woke at 330a: awake enough to check the time, though did not need to get up, & fell back easily.

Body: Decent. Back is at ~85%. For class I had to haul equipment around and unload the 225# squat set-up (seriously, people?) and nothing in particular seemed to annoy the back, but I was moving quite carefully. No one showed up to class, so I logged my NG pulls: 5x3. Felt better than yesterday. Also tried some dips (but bars are too far apart), & lat pull-downs.

No Lisa for today's run, and I kinda sorta found myself looking for excuses to NOT run...and then I thought of doing hill repeats and was all: YES MA'AM! What a weird addiction. 2.79m, 4 repeats running up, walking down. Will start doing this weekly, and add running down in order to (hopefully) combat the knee/IT band issue with running downhill. Back didn't seem too bothered, but I was still moving carefully. By end of work day, RIGHT side of back seemed most annoyed. Also right hip flexor a touch tight, but nothing like it gets post-sprinting.

Acne: I just couldn't take it anymore. I am testing Diet Pepsi today!

However, I already have an emerging reaction on my chin. Guess what has maltodextrin (well, damn near everything, but also): Cholula jerky. (a) How did I miss that? (b) DAMN IT, I really really love that stuff!

Brain: Had a REALLY COOL breakthrough today: realized I truly don't miss my fake-ass toast. Not when there's yams to be had!!

Received an email from the BAA that gave me conflicting emotions about Boston - at first, I thought the projected finish time they gave (5:35:59) was what I needed to use as a qualifying time for next year, which would mean NO DICE, which actually gave me a sense of relief. As in, "I am not qualified, I don't have to decide anything. Whew!" But then my next reaction was, "Wait a minute, they said I could run it! Now I can't?! Assholes!" Apparently, the email is telling me my projected time can be used for seeding purposes. (Great reading comprehension, genius!) But clearly, I still just can't decide.

One thing I was certain of - today Danielle (who was pressured into signing up for Grandma's over the weekend) and I had this conversation:
D: You should sign up!
S (laughing): No way, I am NOT running a marathon.
D: Why not?
S: Because I don't want to!
Zero hesitation on that answer. I have less-than-zero desire to run Grandma's, and this is clear to me. But, I am seriously considering carpooling up, camping at Jay Cooke with Brian, and then sneaking off to run the SHT while they make their way toward the finish line! Also considering road-tripping down to spectate the awesomeness at Afton. Again with Brian. Maybe some of his running mojo will rub off on me!

Grateful: For Hank. I got home late and only saw him for a few minutes, but he was an utterly perfect pooch!

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