Monday, June 17: W30D1

Nutrition: Day 1 of Whole30. Actually feeling relieved to be doing this again after debating it for so long. This time I intend to do it right. I re-read the book. I re-read the Whole30 Success Guide. I signed up for the Whole30 Daily. I'm NOT TRACKING. I'm not weighing myself. I am making goals.

I confess I have to cheat a little on the nutrition guidelines: I can't take the time to sit and eat and focus on my food at lunchtime...I already burn up too much (or more) of my lunch hour on a workout, so I "have" to eat at my desk. Yes, I suppose I could probably make the time, but it will add other stresses; and if that's the worst cheat I have on the program, I'll be happy with that.

Breakfast noms, plus raw kraut, a few grapes and OBVIOUSLY coffee.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 86% quality. Woke to alarm set early for class, but 5 minutes later read an email that my one participant is out for the rest of the month. Gah. Well, more sleep for me! Not today, of course, but for the next two weeks, hooray!

Healthy Movement: Body felt a bit creaky this morning, for some reason, but better as I got moving. Right elbow seemed a tad annoyed on drive in but did pulls throughout the day anyway (in a dress!): NG pulls 6x3. Elbow seemed fine other than drivers; also, LEFT elbow seemed annoyed on drive home. Come on, really? 2.74m noon run with Lisa to do hill repeats - and we were smokin' fast! Right Achilles tight later in eve.

Canceled my class for the rest of June - good timing to prioritize my workouts!

Fun & Play: See: hills with Lisa, yo! Also some time outside with the hubs and the Hank.

Temperance: One of my bigger challenges, personally, so I think I shall track it more closely during this Whole30 process. My main goal with this W30 is to STOP. OBSESSING. ABOUT. FOOD. I already feel better after rereading the book, feeling the subtle shift in thinking, moving from "I can't eat any of this good tasty food" over to "I can't eat these unhealthy things." Powerful difference.

I feel strong and hopeful, and think perhaps my biggest challenge will be the elimination of fake sugar. It's not that I had a LOT of it, but I was pretty regularly hitting at least a can of Diet Pepsi every day, almost as a trade-off for giving up the SFS in my Americano. Like that makes sense?? Anyway, if that's my biggest hurdle, I'll be doing great!

Grateful: For those days that you can open up all the windows and enjoy the cool breeze drifting through your lovely.

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