Friday, June 7

Nutrition: GOTD is to fast. Relieved to be able to ignore food and NOT count any calories today. Interesting. Very hungry about 2p, very cold about 3p, otherwise just fine. 

Consumed: date; c reg x6; c decaf x2;
Tally: 75cal C. 

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 76% quality, though I'd call it more like 85%. Up h/s/g at 245a (too many calories too late in the day?), ate one date, back to bed easily enough. Woke again at 415a & dozed after that. Managed to make it to nearly 6, what a thrill!

Body: Stiff & fatigued, but energy level is okay. Feet still hurt like mad. Sore/tight calves/Achilles, right more than left. NG pulls throughout the morning, all slow & controlled, no bounce or kip: 6x3.

Acne: Full-fledged breakout has stopped, just healing now. Culprits: still pistachios or Cholula jerky. 

Brain: Glad for Friday, even though I'll be working on NSS stuff and CPR training this weekend. No rest for the overachiever, folks. 

Grateful: For the people donating to my Relay for Life fundraising efforts. $200 yesterday!!

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