Friday, June 28: W30D12

Nutrition: Felt snacky today. Caved a bit. Damn cashews. Acne is quite bad. Damn cashews?

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 92% quality. Sleep graph shows me waking at 1a & 3a, but I do not recall that happening a'tall. SOLID restful night. Yeah, baby!

Healthy Movement: Ran 3.33m between jobs. It was a message to Holea, my missing Friday sprint buddy. It didn't feel great, even walked a couple times. Hoping I was just over-heating. If I'd been in the country, I think I would have ditched my shirt. (And it wasn't even 80.) Also walked ~.75m to start/from finish of run.

2 kippy pulls while attempting muscle-up. I suspect coordination will be a much bigger issue than strength. Good luck, Dustin!

Neck/shoulder issue almost gone, though could feel it on those two pulls, smart enough to stop there.

Fun & Play: Silly run. Fetch and training with Hank. And even two TV shows, whaaat??

Stress Management: Thinking more and more seriously about running Boston. As I've said, I WANT to do it. As I've also said, I have to figure out how to make the training happen.

The key is to, somehow, return to the line of thinking I had while training for TC Marathon, or for the Train & Stay...the thought process then, on a Friday, was "I get to do my long run tomorrow!" whereas the past three winters the thought process has been, "I have to do my long run tomorrow." Huge huge huge difference.

Still thinking about it very cautiously. Avoiding the "Yes, do eet!" people - I've got to get the Chief's best advice on this, because "my" people all believe I can do absolutely anything I try to do. Remembering this post.

Grateful: For the trust placed in me at job #2. No problem letting me work there solo while they fill their brains two states away.

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