Friday, June 21: W30D5

Nutrition: Today = struggle in the AM. No power at breakfast meant jerky, Larabar & apple - no vegetables. Also no coffee. Felt like a zombie by 9a. Over-indulged on cashews for an AM snack. Also, finding added sugar in jerky, salsa, so a bit of a fail there, but I wouldn't say I'm coming off a sugar-addiction so I'm not too worried about those added amounts.

Sleep: Awful. 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 79% quality. 'Twas much worse than that - Hop's phone screamed emergency alert at 1230a & again at 1a; up then for bathroom. Felt like I woke constantly after that. At 5a, there was thumping, which turned to by my own pulse, but it seriously sounded like someone was hammering in the garage. Awful.

Healthy Movement: I guess the movement of squeegee-ing water in the basement was probably good mobility work, if mental stress. Sat at TS, no standing. Ten sprints with Holea, noticed we are taking about the same number of steps, but her strides are longer. She told me to pick up my knees. I stayed closer to her, but probably only because her energy started to flag toward the end. Right hip flexor didn't tighten up this time. Blister bottom if right heel. NG pulls at NSS, 8, 6, 7, 5, 5, 4; half hour apart. Max each time, BIG difference compared to last Friday's 75!

Fun & Play: Silly Hank drinking & playing in the water. Sprints in the park with Holea. Time outside waiting for tonight's storm was not THAT fun, but it was time in nature, at least.

Stress Management: 3" of water in the basement is a tad bit stressful, no? BLECH. And like six more nights of storms to come...jesus aitch!

Grateful: For such a patient husband, and his generous boss who told him to bring the generator right back home in anticipation of tonight's storm.

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