Wednesday, May 29

Nutrition: GOTD is 1900 calories and a gallon of water. I presume this is extra important when dealing with an injury, even a wee minor one. Really hankering for some DCP lately, though.

Consumed: 2 dates; 2 eggs, breakfast sausage, half yam, kraut, roasted cauliflower & garlic, Larabar, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk; 2c reg; Larabar; c reg; chicken w/ hot sauce, half yam; salad w/ half avocado & balsamic, raspberries in coconut milk, apple w/ pumpkin-spiced honey, c senna tea
Tally: 450cal P, 975cal C, 475cal F = 1900 total

Sleep: In bed 10 hours, 845p-645a. Two chunks, 81% on the first, and a silly 21% on the second because it was only 1.45 hours. Up at 3a, h/s/g, thus bathroom, water, 2 dates. Alarm woke me at 5a but I sent an email canceling class and fell back asleep - didn't think I was that tired, just wanted to give the back more rest; seems to be what it needed.

Body: Oof. When I got up at 3a, the back hurt like a MUTHA. Popped some ibuprofen. When alarm woke me for class, it still hurt quite a bit to flip over so I canceled. When I got up for good, it was significantly better, though I'm pretty sure that's purely drug-related, not that it's all better already. Stood at desk all day, no desire to sit (hooray!) and did a noon mobility session with my JoyBuddy. Sat in 1.5-hour meeting, but back held up okay. Nearly normal by end of day, even without adding more drugs. AWESOME!!

Acne: Finally seems to be on the wane, nothing new popping up.

Brain: Pretty decent. Productive work day, got to chat with my Joy, fun time with Hanky boy.

Grateful: For my strong, fast-healing back.

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