Wednesday, May 22

Nutrition: GOTD is 1700 calories and W30D3 (exception: Uberbar). Tried chopping off 100 calories so that I can match my lowest week since I began this round of fat loss w/ Steve.

Consumed: bag jerky, Uberbar, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk; plain Americano; egg bake, grapefruit, apple, 2c reg; taco salad (iceberg, salsa, pico, tomatoes, black olives, seasoned beef & chicken), 2c reg; apple, 2c decaf; bag jerky; salad w/ half avocado & balsamic, c strawberries, protein pudding (.5s powder + 2T coconut milk), 2c tea, 2c decaf w/ T coconut milk
Tally: 825cal P, 550cal C, 350cal F = 1725 total

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 92% quality. Up for b/r at midnight AGAIN, woke at 3 and dozed in/out after that. Got up feeling rested.

Body: OOF. Rather sore all over, glutes primarily, hams secondarily, lats & arms as icing on the cake (but it's a good hurt). Did class anyway, as noon meeting blocked that workout option. Dead-leg NG pulls before (4) and after (5, 3).

Wearing pointy-toed tiny heels for the second straight day, and feeling a vague ache in left big toe joint (not a good hurt). Oh, pretty shoes, why must you be so cruel to my feets?

Acne: I have a new round of blemishes...Sunday's lunch, I imagine. GD.

Brain: Great workout, good work day, but a frustrating eve at home: inspecting water in basement (boo) with Hop & Hank, and Hank ran off (boo). To be returned by the neighbor with cattle who implied that Hank is likely to get shot next time he visits (fuck me, I can't argue with the man's livelihood). I just don't know why Hank ran off when we were right there to be trekked around with: we were in a basement he didn't have access to, he should have been more than happy to stick around. But after he came back: sweet as peach pie. WHAT DO I DO WITH HIM?

I am set to meet with Steve on Friday for the final meeting of my NCP agreement...I don't think I'll extend or renew. This weekly Friday-fast-day plan is working quite well for me, so I'll stick with it until it doesn't. It's gradual and slow progress, yes, but it's progress, and more importantly the body and brain are feeling really good, so why should I change anything?

Interesting thing happened today: read both Brian's & Greg's race reports, and they made me want to hit trails. Though not run a race, per se. Just get in the woods. Including for my summer vacation. Even backpacking sounds awesome! Even when I got the email on the Norseman Trail Run, I still couldn't decide if I'd do it or just volunteer at it. Anti-race mode.

Another interesting thing today: had a coworker tell me I "need to go back" to Boston but found myself immediately thinking "NO I DON'T" and trying to make him understand I was very hesitant to decide yet. And yet, when I got another email from BAA asking me to confirm my eligibility, I thought it was about to tell me I needed to register NOW (not August) and my gut was saying YES I WILL.

I am a mess...if I think about it all. Which, actually, I'm not. This is just where all the brain vomit is channeled. And why you shouldn't bother reading it.

Grateful: For sunshine. Basked in it a little bit in the eve, finally.

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