Wednesday, May 1

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories and TEA. Had four cups, NOM. Perfect on a chilly day. Felt snacky today...sleep impact, I'd guess. Also it was quite chilly at TS, heat issues, felt much like I do when fasting, thus a bit miserable.

Consumed: 2 eggs, s chicken sausage, 1.5sl bacon, c Brussels sprouts, 2sl toast, 3c reg w/ T coconut milk; 2 Reese's Pieces, Larabar, 2c reg; 3oz pork roast w/ .5c roasted veg, 2 apples, Larabar, c decaf, 2c herbal tea; salad w/ half avocado & balsamic, pepperoni chips w/ TC guac, c strawberries, apple, c senna tea, c herbal tea
Tally: 600cal P, 625cal C, 575cal F = 1800 total

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 87% quality. Felt worse - I didn't wake up or anything, but it felt shallow. When I went to bed, Oscar was still outside and not coming in despite me calling him on/off for 25 minutes, searching with a flashlight, and even sending Hank outside in case that would flush him out. No surprise my sleep was impacted.

Body: Tired but otherwise pretty damn good. Slight ache in top of left foot and left big toe much for that one tiny mile in Vibrams! Calves/Achilles both feel fine, though. Did class, full of man-makers. FUN! No run; Lisa feeling tired & sore, and me feeling tired & unmotivated.

Pulls after class 5x1, chins at home, 5x1. Elbows are annoyed again so I cut down.

Brain: Tired and spacey and a little cranky - had a whole bag of May Day fruit I planned to bring to the team, packed it up, left it at home. GAH.

Rolled out wire for underground fence when I got home, came up short, but soon Hank will have lots of space to roam with a lot less effort on my end. Thanks to Facebook, I got a box of staples to keep it temporarily on top of the ground until the hubs can bury it. Awesome!

Grateful: For the podcasts that block out Hank's whining and barking when the cats come back inside and he is left to entertain himself.

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