Tuesday, May 21

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories and Whole30 day 2 (exception: Larabar). No toast or Americano cravings this AM, excellent! Got really cold, as if I were fasting, just before 11a, so I added an extra snack. Odd. Otherwise good, except for discovering I've been underestimating pork & yam calories. Oops.

Consumed: 2 eggs, side pork, Brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower & garlic, c yam, 3c reg w/ T coconut milk; 2c reg; 2 egg bakes, grapefruit, 2c reg; Larabar; pork roast, c yam, apple; salad w/ balsamic, bag peas, grapefruit, apple
650cal P, 1075cal C, 150cal F = 1775 total

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed (!), 845p-6a, 81% quality. Felt much better than that, though I was up for b/r at midnight, weirdly. I'd blame the % on Oscar again, as I do remember dozing in/out for the last couple hours, maybe, but intense dreams were happening. Alarm woke me, but I felt very rested.

Body: Slight aches in shins, which doesn't make much sense, but given no soreness anywhere else: hooray! Excellent session w/ NG pulls: 8, 6, 5, 4 - now ahead by 3 for my goal. Hip, hip, hooray!

Something "small" and more nebulous than a PR, but more awesome from a big-picture viewpoint: the elbows feel just fine! (Thanks, Chief.)

Brain: Very good. Good morning with pooch (Hop testing fence a bit with him) though he is still in the garage today. Enjoyed blooming trees and flowers - just in a good mental place. Productive work day. Ran into Holea while grocery shopping (15+ lbs pure produce, thankyouverymuch). 

Hop suffered the evening Hank frustrations, as he once again ran off. Fence testing shows no weaknesses; I believe he is simply powering through the shock in search of fun. Now, how the hell do we deal with that?

Grateful: That Dustin gave me this description yesterday: "Three-time Boston qualifier!" I laughed so hard. It really needs an asterisk, but hey, it's still true!

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