Saturday, May 4

Nutrition: GOTD was 1800 calories and I failed. Super duper incredibly snacky (poor sleep) so I did what I could to prevent serious over-eating. I ate what I was truly craving rather than trying to first eat something better and still giving in to the cravings anyway. May be able to cut calories from tomorrow to even it out. See how I feel.

Consumed: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, dinner roll, Brussels sprouts, kraut, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk; 2c reg w/ SFS, 2 bottles DCP, bag pork jerky, Uberbar; 3-egg omelet, hashbrowns, 3c reg; bag jerky, can Zevia; small apple, Uberbar; pint Arctic Zero, c senna tea
Tally: 1225cal P, 700cal C, 225cal F = 2150 total

Sleep: 6.5 hours, 930p-4a, 85% quality. Felt much worse, woke regularly; no husband, missing dog, weird dreams. Felt decent once I ate breakfast, but got tired throughout the day.

Body: Started out feeling great, but the 4.71m walk with the dog exhausted me. He was battling me hard enough to cause seriously poor biomechanics, feeling the twist resistance at the left knee mostly. Arms & shoulders exhausted as well. Feet a little sore later on.

Chins nearly forgotten throughout day, 5x2; felt much easier than they have been.

Brain: Missing dog worries. But productive times at NSS, a found dog (neighbor's house), lunch with Amy, and a fence that works! Then downhill when I hit complete & utter frustration on the dog walk. He did redeem himself with his house lessons, when he snuggled up all cute.

Grateful: For my strength, else Hank would have gotten free when he saw the deer, and he'd have been long gone.

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  1. Another victory: not drinking a bottle of Mangria like I wanted to!