Saturday, May 25

Nutrition: GOTD is 1900 calories and 100% Paleo (fixing my term, eh). Really snacky at breakfast, let myself eat a lotta fruit. Ate lunch late which prevented any cravings battle. Mostly...I ate a whole cantaloupe today, whoa! Then at supper, I sort of stuffed myself to hit the calorie level. Should've just had me a Larabar, but was feeling the whole-food-ness.

Consumed: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, side pork, Brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower & garlic, asparagus, half yam, 1/4 cantaloupe, apple, 4c reg w/ T coconut milk; bag pork jerky, 2c reg; roast pork, half yam, asparagus w/ side pork, .5c strawberries & 1/4 cantaloupe, apple, 2c decaf w/ T coconut milk, 2c herbal tea; 1/2 cantaloupe; salad w/ balsamic, c yam w/ side pork & chicken sausage, 2 apples w/ spices, vanilla, coconut milk
Tally: 800cal P, 900cal C, 150cal F = 1850 total

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 10p-515a, 85% quality. Felt solid until 3a, then dozing, but restfully so. Hoped for a nap, but didn't work out - was extremely tired at 5p but was too late so I just cat-napped with the cat in my lap!

Body: Right hip flexor tight but improved with movement. 5.12m run was great; Lisa & I had planned to take it easy, and I brought Hank, so it was all about fun. Both inner shins ached early on, and right knee bothered at the end, otherwise it felt fantastically easy!

Popped into NSS for NG pulls, 5x5, every 4 minutes.

Brain: Great! Fun run in the woods, fun at dog park, then helped put the fence in at home (not as fun, but satisfying anyway). Also, sweet bonus: Hank got himself off his tie-out (that part ain't sweet, but hold on) but did not run away! He was roaming in the backyard. Hooray!! And complete laziness at the end of the day felt lovely.

Grateful: For time in the woods. It was really, truly wonderful!

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