Read This: Krista Scott-Dixon

So long that I have not yet finished reading it, but it's really, really good. Long, and detailed, but this woman knows her stuff & explains it well.

I'm seeing a far-too-clear description of my life in 2011/2012. Hopefully I can learn something here and not repeat the issues in 2013, or ever again.

This especially:
Consider your unique “stress sensitivity” and metabolic blueprint. Again, forget about “should”. You are YOU. Special snowflake YOU. If you’re someone who’s typically more sensitive to other things like sensory input, light and noise levels, nuances of things, tastes and textures, drug doses, food intolerances, etc. there’s a good chance you’re more metabolically sensitive too. (Even if you’ve tried to kill your sensitivity, or numbed it out, or pretended to be a badass.)
Biggest "check" EVER. 

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