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You’re Not Making the Godfather: Quit Taking Your Training So Seriously
When you find a team, it’s an awesome thing and they will love and support you forever. But they are usually just as warped as you. They’re not going to tell you to stop when you need to stop - ‘cause then they might have to stop, too. Your teammates, and possibly even your coach, aren’t equipped with any bigger perspective than you are. They’re not going to tell you that being a “world champion white belt” is maybe a goal that’s okay not to pursue.
Because what real world champions do to their bodies isn’t healthy. And a good coach who sees you in your life and in the bigger context isn’t going to let you pursue a fantasy at the risk of your long-term health and happiness. A good coach will tell you to set goals that make you nervous, goals that seem “impossible,” and yet at the same time reasonable. They could happen in your life.
It all comes down to risk and reward, and sometimes we get so excited about an activity, about a community, about an emotional or hormonal reward we get from working out, that we forget we’re human after all.

If you need a reminder that you aren't elite and it's okay to rest & recover and maybe even lose a little ground while you do, then read the whole shebang here:

It's really easy for me to get deeply entrenched in the idea that I NEED to achieve my goals...but do I?

If I don't hit 5000 pullups this year, and instead take rest to avoid tendonitis, and maybe only reach 3000...who cares?

Well, ME! I CARE! And so dammit, I MUST HIT 5000, elbows be damned.

At least, that's what I would have said pre-Dustin...and, okay, I'll admit it: on occasion I still do think that way sometimes.

And that's exactly why I need a Chief to keep my from such nonsense; do you need one, too?

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