Read This: Amy Kubal

C’mon Get Happy!
How important are those last 5 pounds, that magic body fat percentage, that 600 pound deadlift, or that sub 2:30 marathon time? Is that stuff really going to make you ‘happy’? Being healthy is a huge part of being happy, but when trying to ‘chase happy’ leads to obsession, fear and harm; healthy is the last thing you’re going to be. And I’d venture to guess that your family and your friends aren’t going to up and disown you if you weigh 140 pounds instead of 135. They aren’t going to love you more when you get that muscle up or finish that marathon. Right now you’ve likely got a whole lot of people that think the sun shines out of your kiester.
And on a related note, they aren't going to love you LESS since you can't do a muscle up or didn't finish that marathon. You're already that person, and they already love you.

This was exactly what I needed to read right now, to get Boston out of my mind, and FUN + TRAILZ back in. Nothing new, not really, but I need the reminder regularly, especially right now.

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