Monday, May 27

Nutrition: GOTD is to eat by feel. Long run, didn't want to restrict too much. Did well!

Consumed: 4 dried plums; 2 eggs, breakfast sausage, half yam, kraut, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk; Larabar, 2c reg; Larabar, bag Cholula jerky, can Zevia; 2c reg; 2 eggs, breakfast sausage, .5 yam, grapefruit, 2c decaf w/ T coconut milk; bag pork jerky; 4 dried plums, c roasted cauliflower, Tanka bar, c senna tea
Tally: 1150cal P, 725cal C, 250cal F = 2125 total

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 11p-6a, 69% quality. Wide awake at 330a, h/s/g, barking dog too. Hit bathroom, water, plums, and fell back but dozed lightly about 5a onward. Got up feeling rested, though!

Body: Felt pretty good, not creaking my way up out of bed. Inner shins a touch achey. 9.19m run was fatiguing but felt fairly good given the jump in miles. I even think I could've gone longer, but it was probably better to stop while feeling great. Victory #1: I loved it. Victory #2: no pain!
Chin-ups felt a bit tough so I kept 'em low: 4x3.

Brain: So good. Run was absolutely fantastic for me! Had some quality time with my beloved hammock, with my improving pooch, and my hubs. A very good holiday!

Grateful: For trails in the woods, and wondertastic people with whom to share them.

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