Monday, May 13

Nutrition: GOTD is 1800 calories and a gallon of water. I know I was low on pure water this weekend, ODing on coffee and DCP, so time to get back at it. (And also time to quit slacking on it!) Snacky at breakfast; allowed it, then did my best to return to proper everything.

Consumed: 2 eggs, pork sausage, Brussels sprouts, 2 sl toast, 2c reg w/ T coconut milk, Uberbar; Americano w/ SFS; Larabar, apple, 2c reg; roast pork w/ veg, apple, Uberbar; salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette, can tuna, apple, c senna tea
Tally: 700cal P, 700cal C, 375cal F = 1775

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 79% quality. Felt better than that; woke a few times but never wide awake.

Body: Felt pretty crappy. Left neck/shoulder all jacked up. Right inner calf still tight and whining. Right hip flexor vaguely there. Wow, just like that, I'm falling apart! Only taught class this AM, did warm-up and a couple wall sits. Digestion screwed up, belly bloated, feeling fat today. Awesome.

Tried chins during class: plank, dead-hang, all muscle, no bounce out of bottom or jerky kipping: 3x5. Felt okay but stopped there

Ran 3.14 miles with Lisa at lunch time. I was seriously unmotivated in the AM and debating a rest, but I wanted to hang with her - hooray for motivating workout buddies!

Acne: Reacting to something from last week, weirdly. Need to investigate.

Brain: Okay. Sleep has helped but I'm feeling rather unmotivated today. Had a productive morning anyway, a semi-productive afternoon (meetings, but also car appt). In the eve, spent time with Hank outdoors playing, then in the house with the shock collar. He instantly reacts to the buzz, and thankfully I never pushed the shock button. Cats even let me haul them near him, though certainly with the gate between. Hank did really, really well, but when I put him outside for the night, his pent-up energy unleashed and he was in a frenzy of laps and barking. Ugh.

Grateful: For heat and sunshine. Oh, what a lovely time is May!

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