Friday, May 3

Nutrition: GOTD is to fast. All day. Drink whatever fake-ass sweeteners I want, just don't eat. Cold. Tired. Cranky. Persevered. Even RAN, and survived!

And yes, I'm fully aware of the irony of fasting just two days after sharing a link to a post about how fasting can fuck you up. So far, though, I'm feeling fine.

Consumed: 3c reg; Americano w/ SFS x2; 2c decaf; 2c black tea; 2c herbal tea; 2c decaf w/ SFS
Tally: fucking ZERO, bitches!

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 82% quality. Hop came home about 330a or so, so cats were trotting around, and I couldn't fall back. YUCK.

Came home after TS rather than work at NSS, and napped just over 1.5 hours. Huge help.

Body: Feeling general all-over fatigue. Digestion was compromised after forgetting half of yesterday's supplements but improving today. Wearing boots w/ 1" heel, thus sitting all day. Walked two laps around the yard at sunrise, half-mile or so.

Was seriously hoping Lisa would back out of our planned lunch run, but she didn't, so I didn't, and I'm glad, because it was quite fun and felt good & easy, 3.42 miles. Touch of knee pain kicked in at 2.5m, but didn't increase, so I told it to fuck off. I think it was the slow pace that annoyed it.

Elbows are still annoyed, plus traps are sore to the touch, so I felt a full rest day from pulls was in order. Better to do it today since I won't be able to resist the bar the next two days!

Brain: Tired but okay. Up early enough that I could have worked at NSS, but figured I should spend time with Hank. We spent a half hour outside before sunrise, once just to get Hank a lap, then to plant the flags to the underground fence, since I had to kill time before I could get into TS. Felt stupid all morning, got a boost from the lunch run, but it didn't last. After my nap I thoroughly enjoyed some slightly unproductive time watching TV with Hank on a short leash, and eventually he laid down and relaxed with me & was super sweet. But then I had to toss him back outside. Sadness.

Grateful: For Hop's job. Yeah, the hours completely blow right now, but I'm reminding myself those big overtime-filled checks are the reason we don't have to worry just too much about finances, and were able to spend (gulp) nearly $500 on the dog in just one week.

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