Friday, May 24

Only one week of May left. How did that happen?

Nutrition: GOTD was to fast; felt very easy today.

Consumed: 6c reg; c pu-erh tea; 2c herbal tea; c NC; 2c herbal tea

Nutrition Coaching Program: I sent this chart to Steve today:

with fast day
without fast day
sleep Qn
sleep Ql
cals burned
miles ran
g carbs
g carbs

Wow, sometimes (okay, often!) I’m really dumb. Laid out like this, it becomes pretty damned obvious why I struggled & felt SO SNACKY (and calories crept up) in weeks 3 & 4: look at that jump in activity! It can also explain why I felt rather awful Wed/Thurs this week and scaled back - I need to eat a few more calories to maintain this activity level. A good finding! But eating more without gaining fat…hmmm…what’s that level…the never-ending question. Going to start with 1900 and ease up slowly.

I'm once again revisiting the idea of a real & true Whole30, following the spirit of the program as well as eating as prescribed: no logging & tracking every single calorie, simply tracking how I look, feel, & perform. Seek that healthy food relationship again. Probably in July when I shift to longer distances and back off fat loss.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 92% quality. Felt like it. Pretty damn solid, though dozing 3a onward, made okay with dreams.

Body: Still some soreness in glutes but a huge improvement over yesterday. Didn't feel 100 years old when I got up! Sprint intervals with Holea felt good at the time, but right hip flexor again tightened up again like a mutha.

NG pulls at NSS every half hour: 5x5.

Acne: Nothing new, just healing up existing. My not-really-Whole30 is working!

Brain: Much improved. Good AM at TS, fun PM at NSS, vegging at home.

Grateful: For heated seats on chilly days. 

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