Friday, May 17

Nutrition: Fast day. That means 2.5lbs of fat loss, baby! (Yeah, yeah, I know that isn't necessarily true.) Hunger pangs at 830a, cold followed on its heels at 930a...and continued until I fetched another coffee just before noon. New fast day indulgence: TWO fancy coffees justified! Hungry for the second time at 3p, couldn't shake the cold after that.

(Someone remind me not to go sleeveless on fast days, m'kay?)

Consumed: 2c reg; Americano w/ SFS x2; water; NC - that's it!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 82% quality. Woke around 3a h/s/g and wide awake for just a little bit and somehow fell back without getting up. Felt better than 82%, AND I felt good & rested. Hooray for sleeping in!

Body: Feeling great. Not even stiff when I got up - wow!! Glutes developed a bit o' tightness mid-day, but nothing too annoying. Planned to sprint with Holea but she pooped out after painting all afternoon, and I was easily convinced to save the legs por la maƱana.

Elbows do not feel any worse, despite doing all of this yesterday: 100 OH presses, 100 DB rows, 36 TRX rows, 34 dips, and 20 pull-ups. Yay! And also, wow, that was dumb to add clas, (even at light baby weights) when my goal is a shit ton of pullups, not keeping Bob company! Anyway, rest day from pulls as direct by Chief; begrudgingly so.

Brain: Really good. Not the most productive morning at TS (everyone was decidedly chatty), but I did knock a few "buggy" things off my to-do list. And was uber-productive over at NSS! Headed home to my HUSBAND, what a thought!

Bummer of the night was that Hank disappeared less than 5 minutes after being let outside. I found him on my second drive through the neighborhood, and I am sad. I don't know what to do about him; do we have to hook him to a tie out all day??

Grateful: For the possible end of pumping season; even if this only turns out to be a brief respite, Hop is to be home all weekend!!!

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